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Archive for December, 2014

University Life

24 December 2014
In the last week of September just as thousands of freshers arrived at their halls of residence, ready to experience university life, the National Union of Students (NUS) released the results of recent research into life on campus. It makes uncomfortable reading: 26% of students have suffered unwelcome sexual advances, defined as inappropriate touching and groping,...
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The 8 Lights to Freedom – A Women’s Chanukah Miracle

11 December 2014
Michele Attias is a long-standing supporter of JWA. The Chanukah story is predominantly about one power attempting to control another - The Hellenist Greeks trying to inflict their power upon our ancestors, trying to force assimilation upon them, and Mattiyahu bravely leading a small band of Jews to achieve a miraculous victory over superior forces and...
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