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Archive for January, 2015

Perpetrators and Terrorists

30 January 2015
Recent dreadful terrorist events made me reflect on the differences between violence at home directed against the assailants family, and violence targeted at other members of society. The terrorist has often been brainwashed or strongly influenced by an ideology which is shared and encouraged by others. He - or she - is able to draw reassurance from peers that...
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What do 14 year old Jewish School pupils have to say about these T-shirts, and why does it matter?

09 January 2015
Claire Godley, JWA Education Co-ordinator (The red t-shirt says: ‘I’m so sorry but… - You provoked me - I was drunk - I was having a bad day - I hate you - I didn’t mean it - I couldn’t help it) We asked hundreds of young Jewish School pupils to look at the t-shirts and tell us what they thought of them. The results told us a lot about them...
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