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9 amazing women do Tough Mudder!

28 September 2017

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Team image 2 resized  Tough mudder trainer image

Nine women of various degrees  of fitness decided back in April to challenge their minds and bodies and undertake a Tough Mudder. They trained tirelessly as a team with the help of Anna & Charlotte, Personal trainers and co-founders of ace Lifestyle ( to prepare themselves for the grueling 12 miles and 24 obstacles that Tough Mudder entails.

Charlotte and Anna

Anna Schuchman (left) Charlotte Wikler (right)

Having seen photos and video clips of previous Tough Mudders, nothing could have prepared them for what they faced. They scaled walls, plunged into ice cold water, waded through mud, ducked and dived, ran through electric shocks and under barbed wire. It was a day full of physical and mental challenges which left them with aches, pains, limps, cuts and bruises as evidence but the most incredible day full of fun, laughter and teamwork.

Anna Schuchman says: “We chose to support 2 amazing charities: JWA (Jewish Women’s Aid) and SANDS (Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Charity). Both do incredible work and both are very close to our hearts. By raising money for these charities, not only have we raised invaluable funds we hope we have raised awareness too. We’d be grateful for any donation you can spare – we’d love to reach our £10k goals which we are so close to. Please sponsor us using our just giving page: Virgin Money Giving | Fundraising | Ace Ladies fundraising page“.

Jewish Women’s Aid CEO Naomi Dickson says: “These women are amazing! We are so very grateful to them for putting themselves through all that training and challenge, to support Jewish women and children affected by domestic violence and abuse. Their achievement is really impressive.”

You can also read about their experiences of taking part in the challenge via Jewish News

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