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About JWA

Jewish Women’s Aid is the only specialist organisation in the UK supporting Jewish women affected by domestic violence and abuse.

Wherever, whenever, whoever: we’re here to help you

One woman in four will experience domestic abuse in her lifetime.

It affects all women, regardless of age, education, class, lifestyle or religion; the Jewish community is no different to any other.

Jewish Women’s Aid (JWA) was founded to support the thousands of Jewish women who, each year, will face physical, emotional, psychological, sexual or financial abuse from within their own home. JWA is the only organisation in the UK dealing specifically with the needs of abused Jewish women and their children.

The lack of awareness of domestic violence and abuse in the Jewish community has caused damage. Women may remain silent through shame, embarrassment, a feeling of guilt or fear that they will not be believed. They feel alone, that no-one else has experienced such abuse and that it must be their fault.

If you think you might be experiencing, or have experienced, what could be domestic abuse then call us. We know how important it is to be believed, accepted, supported and understood. You are not alone.

And if you know someone close to you who you think might be experiencing domestic abuse and you would like guidance about how you might be able to support them, we can help.

JWA has three core aims:

  • Support and empower women and girls who are experiencing sexual and domestic violence and abuse in their intimate relationships.
  • Increase awareness, education and understanding in order to prevent violence against women and girls in the Jewish community.
  • Provide client-centred support for women and children, by women.