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Why are we still in denial about domestic violence in the Jewish community?

23 November 2015
"Convince me" she says. "Sorry, convince you of what," I reply. It's been a long day. And now, I'm speaking to a group of about 20 men and women about domestic violence in the Jewish community. And then the predictable riposte.  "I just don't believe that a woman like me could be abused. I live in this area, I have a degree, I have two children in a local Jewish...
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Shanah Tovah from Executive Director Naomi Dickson

11 September 2015
One honey cake, a few apples, a tray of dried fruit. No, it’s not my Rosh Hashana shopping list. It’s the contents of the packages that we give to each of the women we’re working with as a Rosh Hashana gift. Women who are all Jewish, and who have approached us because they are being abused by their husbands, partners or family members. Women who are mothers...
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Women working together to help each other: from co-chair Hilda Worth

27 August 2015
It is nearly a year since I took over as co-chair of Jewish Women’s Aid with Liz Gould. During that time I have been privileged to witness the commitment to JWA from the staff, volunteers and board members. I was first introduced to JWA 9 years ago when I attended their annual fundraising lunch. At that point I was looking for a new challenge, and having been a...
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DV doesn’t happen to Jewish women: the challenges of giving JWA talks!

03 July 2015
Jewish Women’s Aid has been supporting women and their children who are affected by domestic violence for over 30 years, our posters are in many shuls around the UK, we give talks and we advertise in the press - and yet there is still an overwhelming sense that it can’t happen to Jewish women. When we give talks or trainings to non-Jewish groups, one of the...
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Report it to stop it

30 April 2015
As a young woman living in London, I have experienced public harassment and I know for a fact that I am not the only one. Indeed, on my way to work this morning I was approached at the bus stop and told I was ‘looking fine today’; perhaps a seemingly innocuous incident, but for me (and many other women) it felt like one instance of a long line of disturbing and...
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The Journey Home

19 February 2015
I am not sure exactly what the catalyst was for finally seeking counselling from JWA. Maybe it was the endless sleepless nights and night terrors – relentless and exhausting. Maybe it was the constant swing between hypervigilance – paralysing and raw, and the feeling of numbness and becoming shut down to the point that I couldn’t even hold my own head. Maybe...
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Perpetrators and Terrorists

30 January 2015
Recent dreadful terrorist events made me reflect on the differences between violence at home directed against the assailants family, and violence targeted at other members of society. The terrorist has often been brainwashed or strongly influenced by an ideology which is shared and encouraged by others. He - or she - is able to draw reassurance from peers that...
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What do 14 year old Jewish School pupils have to say about these T-shirts, and why does it matter?

09 January 2015
Claire Godley, JWA Education Co-ordinator (The red t-shirt says: ‘I’m so sorry but… - You provoked me - I was drunk - I was having a bad day - I hate you - I didn’t mean it - I couldn’t help it) We asked hundreds of young Jewish School pupils to look at the t-shirts and tell us what they thought of them. The results told us a lot about them...
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University Life

24 December 2014
In the last week of September just as thousands of freshers arrived at their halls of residence, ready to experience university life, the National Union of Students (NUS) released the results of recent research into life on campus. It makes uncomfortable reading: 26% of students have suffered unwelcome sexual advances, defined as inappropriate touching and groping,...
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The 8 Lights to Freedom – A Women’s Chanukah Miracle

11 December 2014
Michele Attias is a long-standing supporter of JWA. The Chanukah story is predominantly about one power attempting to control another - The Hellenist Greeks trying to inflict their power upon our ancestors, trying to force assimilation upon them, and Mattiyahu bravely leading a small band of Jews to achieve a miraculous victory over superior forces and...
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