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Sexual harassment in the Jewish community

11 March 2019
On International Women's Day, JWA's CEO Naomi Dickson has important news about the launch of a new service, on sexual harassment in Jewish communal organisations.   Has the #MeToo moment passed? Is it just a hashtag that captured a moment or has there been real change in how we deal with sexual harassment?  In partnership with the Board of Deputies...
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Important statement by CEO Naomi Dickson on funding announcement by Mayor of London

27 February 2019
Today, the Mayor’s Office of Policing and Crime Prevention announced £15m funding for domestic violence support services in London, following reports that domestic violence has risen dramatically. Violence against women and girls is incredibly widespread, and more so than people realise in our community.  We welcome the Mayor’s renewed commitment to...
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Have you heard about the frog that boiled?

27 February 2019
Joanne had been married for twelve years, and had got used to her husband’s constant put-downs. He had started, years ago, by calling her stupid, ugly and worthless. Now, after two children and multiple daily insults, she believed him. She felt that she couldn’t do anything without his approval, and that she was unable to hold down a job. Her self-esteem was...
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Statement from JWA’s CEO Naomi Dickson on the draft Domestic Violence bill

05 February 2019
JEWISH WOMEN'S AID welcomes the draft Domestic Abuse Bill and are pleased that in the current political climate, the government are prioritising domestic abuse and the safety of women. We are glad that economic abuse is named as an abusive behaviour and are very pleased that the government is recruiting for a Commissioner to support their response to domestic abuse...
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There’s Always More We Can Do

16 January 2019
Naomi Dickson, CEO of JWA writes a reflective report about the last 12 months and reasserts our important goals for the community. THIS BLOG ORIGINALLY APPEARED IN JLIFE MAGAZINE It’s been an interesting year – a year where #MeToo has continued to loom large and where its fallout has meant...
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How do you help a friend who’s living with domestic abuse?

26 November 2018
How do you help a friend who's living with domestic abuse? Blog by JWA CEO Naomi Dickson for IDEVAW2018 (first published as Latte Lounge guest blog) You’re at a coffee shop with a group of old, close friends. One of them turns to you and says ‘My relationship isn’t quite right’. You had suspected this for some time but hadn’t know how to broach it with...
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Naomi Dickson, JWA CEO, appointed to the Board of Women’s Aid

18 October 2018
We are very proud to announce that Naomi Dickson, CEO of JWA, has been appointed to the Board of Trustees of Women's Aid. This is a great achievement for Naomi, and reflects the huge amount that she has done at JWA for the past 18 years and in the wider sector for ending VAWG (Violence Against Women & Girls). It is also a real recognition of the importance...
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Is This Progress? CEO Naomi Dickson on International Women’s Day 2018

09 March 2018
In the first two months of this year, seventy women have called Jewish Women's Aid (JWA) seeking help in their abusive relationships. This is double what we received in the same period last year. Seventy women who are being physically, mentally, sexually, financially and emotionally bullied, harassed and controlled in their intimate and closest relationships....
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Daniel Jacob: JWA’s Marathon Man!

05 February 2018
Daniel Jacob ran the London Marathon 2018 for JWA! We are so delighted that Daniel Jacob ran the London Marathon this year in aid of Jewish Women's Aid! Despite the very hot weather, Daniel completed in 4hrs 47 mins, and has raised £2300 so far. It's not too late to give a donation for his amazing achievement, by going to his fundraising page here: Daniel's...
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Blog from CEO Naomi Dickson: With your help, we’ll make sure abuse is not tolerated

22 December 2017
‘ I just can’t believe that a nice Jewish boy would do something like that’ – this, from an older woman who’d attended a synagogue Rosh Chodesh group I’d been asked to speak at. I had given an overview of Jewish Women’s Aid, and told them the true story of a woman who we helped and who, like many others, credited JWA with her life and that of her...
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