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Domestic abuse has existed in the Jewish community for ages

Our latest campaign seeks to raise awareness of domestic abuse in general and specifically of the fact that it affects women of all ages within the Jewish community.

In the three examples we have picked from hundreds of cases, we have highlighted the experiences of a teenager, an expectant mother and a retired grandmother who all experienced domestic abuse.

You can see the story of Talia, an 18-year-old Jewish girl, below…


Talia met her boyfriend at their Jewish school. Within weeks his sweetness turned to threats and possessiveness, then kicks and punches. Talia was too confused to do anything. After a JWA education session at school, Talia finally called us for help.

Increasing numbers of teenage girls face domestic abuse.

1 in 4 women faces domestic abuse in her lifetime. The Jewish community is no different.

If you are affected, call our confidential Freephone helpline on 0808 801 0500 or click here.

Domestic abuse. It’s closer to home than you think.

All names and identities changed to protect client confidentiality.