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Why do people stay with someone who is abusing them?

It can be really hard for a woman to leave her husband or partner, even if he is treating her badly.

There could be a few reasons why a woman who is being abused stays with the person who is abusing her.

The reasons might include:

Safety fears: the woman might be scared of what the abuser will do to her or the children if they leave or try to leave.

Shame: the abused person may be embarrassed that other people will find out what has been going on at home

Money worries: the woman may not have enough money to pay for things for herself and her children if she leaves her partner.

Love: despite what is happening the abused person might still love their partner

Lack of support: the woman may not know who to turn to or realise that organisations like JWA can help.

Threats: the abuser may have threatened to hurt the children, family pets or themselves if the woman tries to leave.