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Sam – a true story

Dad was very violent to mum.  The longest period of not being violent was two weeks.  Mum would try to defend herself.  I hate my dad and despise him.  I feel very angry with him.  I love my mum because she makes up for the bad things dad has done.  She knows what’s best even though sometimes I disagree.

JWA have helped me and my mum get through what has happened.  It has helped me get my anger out and given me loads more confidence.  My sessions with the JWA worker are a time to get my thoughts out and I feel better for it.   Initially my anger and my feelings got worse and so did my eating – but it all needed to come out and now I think it is fixing and it will be ok.

JWA is the reason my mum left my dad and got us all safe. If you’re living with domestic violence, tell someone.  Don’t keep it inside because it won’t work out well.  I never did tell anyone what was happening as I was scared my dad would hurt me.  He scared us all so much.

If kids have these things going on at home they may behave badly at school – but they need teachers to understand. If teachers are too hard on these kids it makes them more angry.


*Names and some details have been changed to protect anonymity