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Calendar of Events

June 24, 2018

Maccabi Fun Run

JWA - SM Charity Flyer

Sunday 24th June 2018



Now’s your chance to run for Jewish Women’s Aid, in the Jewish Community Maccabi Fun Run 2018!

Always a brilliant day, the Maccabi Fun Run is a great communal event – and a marvellous opportunity to run, walk, skip, hop as many miles as you want, in support of Jewish Women’s Aid.

Fun for the whole family, and people of all ages from babies to seniors take part! It’s truly a Run for Everyone.


Register NOW for your place in Team JWA for Fun Run 2018 at

For more information contact Julia on 0208 445 8060 or


Here are some photos from Team JWA last year!

Team JWA 2017



Date: June 24, 2018

June 3, 2018

Women of Westminster – JWA Walking Tour

Warring, Worthy, Mothers & Martyrs: Women of Westminster

Sunday 3rd June 2018 at 11.00 a.m.

Fawcett Hyde Park Address   Millicent Fawcett statue

We are delighted to announce that Rachel Kolsky, amazing tour guide and author of Women’s London, will be leading a fantastic walk for JWA in June.

Join Rachel on 3rd June, to celebrate the centenary of when (some) British women got the vote.  This walk encounters women who battled, campaigned, fought and talked. From Boudicca, proud atop her chariot, to the Pankhursts striving for votes for women, the Jewish League of Women’s Suffrage, Nancy Astor and Margaret Thatcher becoming important firsts in the House of Commons, there was nothing these women could not achieve. We will also visit the newly unveiled statue of the suffragist leader Millicent Fawcett (see photo above), the first monument of a woman to stand in the central London location, and also featuring 59 key women (and a few men!) central in the women’s suffrage movement – including Henrietta Franklin, Jewish fighter for women’s rights.

All their stories, together with those of society ladies and social workers, not forgetting WT Stead and his exposure of child prostitution in his Maiden Tribute, make for a fascinating tour.

Tickets £30

Click here to book your ticket 

Date: June 3, 2018
Cost: £30