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IDEVAW 2017 campaign


Don’t shut your eyes to domestic abuse in your area

Jewish Women’s Aid is here to help

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The first time Debbie’s husband tried to strangle her, she was stunned. How had her loving husband lost control of himself like that?  And when he cried and apologised, and promised it would never happen again, she believed him. Soon, the control he was exerting over her life was becoming scary. Not allowing her to see her parents, preventing her going out with her friends, and threatening her with ’consequences’ if she did.

He only became the ‘loving husband’ around other people. On their own, it was a very different story.  Constant belittling, and undermining. Telling her that she was no good, ugly, useless, a terrible mother. What she said, what she wore, where she shopped and who she spoke to – all became possible triggers for abuse.

When he started threatening to harm the children, Debbie knew things had got out of hand, but she didn’t know what to do. After he humiliated her at a dinner party, one of her friends called her the next day and told her to call Jewish Women’s Aid.

Debbie called our confidential Helpline, and was put in touch with one of our professional casework team. We helped her and her children find a safe place to live. We gave her practical advice to keep them safe, liaising with the police and other agencies, legal advice and applying for benefits, helping her piece her life back together again. And we supported her emotionally, with ongoing specialist counselling, to help her heal from the psychological abuse she had been living with.

Like Debbie’s friends, we need to open our eyes to domestic violence and abuse in the Jewish community. We need to see how abusive behaviour ruins the lives of so many women and children.

Jewish Women’s Aid is the only specialist Jewish organisation in the UK which supports Jewish women and children affected by domestic violence and abuse. Please help us to help them, by continuing to support vulnerable women and children by making a gift to this year’s appeal.

Don’t shut your eyes. It is real, and it happens to women you know. We are here to help.



Globally, 1 in 3 women experience domestic violence or abuse during their lifetimes. The United Nations has designated 25th November each year as an international day of awareness raising (IDEVAW) about violence against women. The worldwide campaign is coloured orange, and #orangetheworld is used across the world in different ways: many buildings and monuments were bathed in orange.

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Ways you can get involved

1. If you can help us financially please donate online or send a cheque to JWA, PO Box 65550 London N3 9EG

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