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The Helpline number is 0808 801 0500, open 9.30-9.30 Mon-Thurs.

However if you are having problems getting through to someone please call head office 0208 445 8060, where you are welcome to speak anonymously if you wish.

We are there to help

The JWA helpline is a confidential, sympathetic, non–judgmental listening service. It is operated by trained Jewish women from 9.30am – 9.30pm on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Outside of these hours calls are recorded, monitored and responded to as soon as possible.

The helpline number is freephone 0808 801 0500. This means it is free to call from all landlines and mobiles. The number will not show up on your phone bill, but will be in your calls log on a mobile and some home phones, so please remember to delete it after your call. If you are concerned about this, please discuss with your helpliner.

Emergency advice is readily available, but remember, if you are in immediate danger always DIAL 999.

In the event that you require emergency accommodation and are unable to reach JWA, please contact the National Domestic Violence Helpline on 0808 2000 247.

For everyone

Over the years since Jewish Women’s Aid was founded, hundreds and hundreds of women have rung the helpline. They have called because they felt the need to talk to someone who could listen and understand the abusive situation in which they found themselves.

We will not judge you or force our views upon you. We will professionally inform you of the options available and empower you to take control and make decisions which are right for you. We will be able to link you up with other JWA services should you wish to have further support.

Knowing and understanding the options available to you, even if you decide not to act on them immediately, will make you stronger, and with that strength will come the confidence and ability to regain a sense of control.

The JWA Helpline also offers advice and information to concerned family and friends of a woman who is in an abusive relationship.