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Have you heard about the frog that boiled?

27 February 2019
Joanne had been married for twelve years, and had got used to her husband’s constant put-downs. He had started, years ago, by calling her stupid, ugly and worthless. Now, after two children and multiple daily insults, she believed him. She felt that she couldn’t do anything without his approval, and that she was unable to hold down a job. Her self-esteem was...
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Moving on

18 May 2016
We recently moved to a new head office. It was a pretty seamless move, as they go: well organised, good-humoured, with an excellent removals consultant and very obliging removal men. We spent many days packing and archiving, so that by the time we left we had seriously downsized our files and thrown out a huge amount of the "just in case" things we had kept for...
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