Judge Dawn Freedman has been a supporter of JWA since its inception, but it is only since she retired from being a Judge that she was able to be more actively involved. She has served as a Trustee for many years. Dawn established and continues to organise JWA's annual legal seminars for lawyers and interested lay volunteers on topics of relevance to JWA’s clients. Dawn created and ran a training for a group of JWA volunteers to become McKenzie Friends who support JWA's clients. Dawn was a barrister specialising in family law before going to the Bench and has been a Chair of the Jewish Marriage Council. Together with Judge Myrella Cohen and Dayan Ehrentrau, Dawn drafted the Pre-Nuptial Agreement for the use of the Office of the Chief Rabbi, and was a member of the committee which steered through legislation empowering Judges to postpone granting a civil divorce to men who refuse a Get.