Tamara has both an Honours and a Master degree in Psychology and her career has always centred on people and behaviour. She worked for many years as a management consultant specialising in the field of change management and strategy. This involved, for example, the implementation aspect of IT programmes, delivery of leadership development programmes and organisation design. She then joined the Civil Service, where for the last 15 years, She has worked in a number of different strategy, project management, policy and IT roles ranging from the Home Office, the Cabinet Office and now in the Department of Work and Pensions, where she is on the Technology Board.

Tamara has also been a very active volunteer throughout her life for a wide range of charities. She has for example, worked for Shelter serving food, for a children’s day centre supporting children with developmental issues and for a mental health day centre, helping at weekends with support activities. She has also been a prison visitor and ran a charity in a prison which supported families in visiting their relatives there.

Tamara Moss joined the board of Trustees in 2019.