The JWA Education programme aims to:

  • Give young people the tools to form safe, healthy, positive relationships
  • Identify unhealthy behaviour and the warning signs of abuse and harassment
  • Unpick the norms that lead to sexual inequality and understand how this effects all parts of our society
  • Explore the pressures and stigmas that prevent people from speaking out about relationship abuse, harassment and sexual violence – particularly in the Jewish community

We write bespoke sessions covering different topics that meet the needs of young people with a variety of different ages and backgrounds. We are sensitive to the needs of different schools and adapt what we deliver to support them.

Topics include:

  • Friendships
  • Relationship abuse
  • Consent
  • Relationships in the media
  • Relationships Online

How we work

We use a variety of methods to help young people to build their relationship skills and recognise the signs of all forms of relationship abuse. Our sessions involve drama, games, discussion and videos – including some which have been tailor-made for JWA with the help of young people.

Our sessions for young people are delivered by a team of trained facilitators who have a wealth of experience including teaching and youth work. We also work collaboratively with a number of community organisations including Streetwise, UJIA and UJS. Pupils and students are always given contact details for JWA.

If you are interested in a session for your school or youth movement, please get in touch

Are you interested in becoming an ad-hoc sessional worker for JWA, or an education volunteer?