If you are frightened of your partner, or have to change your behaviour to avoid making them angry, you may be experiencing abuse.

Ask yourself the questions below. Remember that everyone’s experience of abuse is different.

If nothing in this list relates to you but you still have some doubts about your situation, call us on 0808 801 0500.

If any of this sounds familiar, call us on 0808 801 0500

There are many different ways of being abusive. Here are a few examples:

    • Damaging a woman’s possessions

    • Smashing up the furniture

    • Threatening to harm or kill the pets

    • Threatening to take or keep the children if she leaves

    • Locking her out of the house during an argument

    • Terrorising her by doing things like driving at high speed because he knows it frightens her

The aim of the behaviour, whether conscious or unconscious – is to take control of the woman’s life. Domestic violence is an abuse of power – it’s all about power and control.

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