Jewish Women's Aid is very excited to be invited by Women's Aid to participate in the pioneering Change That Lasts programme, "Ask Me". This pioneering project is to generate communal participation in working against domestic abuse, and enable communities to become places where women experiencing domestic abuse feel safe to disclose and to seek help. Women are far more likely to disclose to friends/family than strangers, and the aim is to get enough people trained up to so that together we can really effect Change That Lasts.

About the programme

We will be training people in the community to be "Ask Me" ambassadors, and empowering them to support the women and children who need help. Some communities have already expressed their interest in doing the training, to join a growing network of nationwide pioneering "Ask Me" ambassadors.

The training is thorough and very informative, and fun - despite dealing with such a difficult topic! Why not get a group of friends to train together, to become "Ask Me" ambassadors?

Join us!  Register your interest here