Talking about violence against women can save lives. 

A big statement but it’s true. 

At Jewish Women’s Aid we have been talking about domestic abuse for thirty years. In that time we have supported thousands of Jewish women and their children.  And every November we mark the UN’s International Day for Ending Violence Against Women (IDEVAW) by encouraging rabbis and community leaders to speak out.

We ask them to tell their communities, colleagues, friends and networks that any woman in our community could be living with an abusive partner and that Jewish Women’s Aid is here to help – a simple message, and it works.  We know this because every year, after we have publicised, talked, tweeted and blogged, women reach out for help. 

It’s hard to predict in the year when we will have a surge of calls, but each year at IDEVAW when we have the community behind us – when our rabbis and community leaders publicly express their support, when people put our posters up in their synagogues and community centres, when our Facebook posts are liked and our tweets retweeted – more women pick up the phone and call us for support.

Domestic abuse and sexual violence can happen to anyone.  Women like me and you, like your sister or your friend, your niece or daughter.  We all need to be vigilant and offer help safely where we can, and we all need to keep every line of communication open so that we can support all the women who ask us for help. 

What can you do?

- Please encourage your synagogue to display our poster (get one sent to you)
- Please ask your Rabbi to speak (see Rabbis' resources here)
- Have a coffee morning and talk about domestic abuse
- Repost this blog
- Support us on social media
- Keep the conversation going about domestic abuse and sexual violence so we can offer a lifeline to the women who need us
- Donate to help us keep more women and children safe.

“JWA is a charity that literally save lives. I wouldn’t be alive if it wasn’t for the support of this charity and in turn the support of everyone that contributes in any way large or small towards the charity. Please know that whatever you give you truly make an instant difference to women and children’s lives. I’ll be forever grateful to JWA and all of its supporters.” Susan, 36

At IDEVAW2019, and on every day of the year, Jewish Women’s Aid are there to help Jewish women and children to have Safe Todays and Strong Tomorrows.

Thank you.

Naomi Dickson, CEO