Message from our patron, Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis, on the launch of the Dina Service:

“Sexual violence and abuse is a crime which often has devastating, life-long consequences. The first priority for any Jewish community is to care for one another and sadly, that means that we must not only be aware of the scourge of sexual violence but we must also have the tools to offer assistance to those who have suffered from it.

I pray that the Dina Service, provided by JWA, will help bring some measure of peace to Jewish women whose lives have been shattered by this terrible blight on our community.”

From Gillian Meron, President of the Board of Deputies of British Jews:

"The launch of JWA’s Dina service will be a massive benefit for girls and women confronting the horror of sexual abuse. The free counselling service and confidential support and information service for survivors and their supporters will undoubtedly help to change lives for the better.  JWA is a credit to the Jewish community, and the Board of Deputies commends their ongoing work to serve the needs of Jewish women who are facing violence or abuse."

From Simon Johnson, Chief Executive of Jewish Leadership Council:

“We are incredibly proud to support JWA’s new Dina Service. This specialist service will offer a much needed additional line of support for women who have experienced sexual violence. JWA is a vital organisation to the Jewish community and we are grateful to JWA for their work to ensure that support is available to those who need it.”

From Mary Mason, Chief Executive of Solace Women’s Aid:

"Solace North London Rape Crisis congratulate Jewish Women’s Aid on launching this vital service for Jewish women affected by sexual violence. We greatly welcome this step and look forward to working in partnership to ensure the achievement of our shared aim that all those who survive sexual abuse have access to specialist, holistic support."

From Rachel Krys, Director of End Violence Against Women coalition:

"We're delighted that Jewish Women's Aid has set up this service which could be life-saving for Jewish women and girls who've experienced sexual violence. We know that specialist services run by and for women in the community are essential for survivors of sexual violence. With more women and girls than ever talking about their experiences of sexual violence and reaching out for support, this new service is much needed and very welcome."

From Simon Corden, CEO of the Havens sexual assault referral centres:

“We are delighted that JWA, as a trusted professional organisation within the Jewish community, is extending its service offer to survivors of sexual violence. Coming forward for support can be difficult for many. It will be so important that JWA is reaching out to Jewish women who would otherwise not come forward, and would remain isolated. Having a specialist service that supports recovery in a confidential, safe, culturally-informed way is exactly what is needed.”