Sometimes friends and family members are the first to spot that something is going wrong in a relationship. You might notice that someone you care about is acting differently or describing behaviour that doesn’t sound right. You might even have witnessed behaviour that has left you feeling scared or vulnerable.

  • Do let them know that you’ve noticed something isn’t right

  • Do offer them your support

  • Do listen to them, and

  • Do help them access information and professional advice

Our helpline 0808 801 0500 can support friends and family members talk through their options so that they can make safe decisions about how to help someone they care about. You might also find it helpful to confide in an adult you trust such as a parent, teacher or school counsellor.

Abusive situations can be really dangerous, it is really important that you:

  • Don’t try to confront the perpetrator yourself

  • Don’t suggest that someone should fight back or stand up to a perpetrator

  • Don’t advise someone to leave the relationship immediately without first discussing the implications with a trained professional