JWA participated in a communal event this year for International Women's Day, "Enabling Change through Policy & Culture", looking at the need in Jewish organisations for robust policies & culture around gender imbalances in the Jewish workplace.

Co-sponsored by the Jewish Leadership Council and Lead, the event was sparked by the #MeToo movement, and by the changing discourse in the Jewish community around sexual harassment.

Issues of rape, consent and sexism and being discussed openly in the Jewish community as well as the wider community. The JLC and Lead invited JWA CEO Naomi Dickson to lead a discussion on what this means for our community, its leadership and organisations, especially with respect to the implementation of specific policies and office culture. It was an excellent discussion and paved the way for further work on policy development and change in public discourse around gender inequality, and sexual harassment in particular. 

The panel was chaired by Yael Simon, and included Naomi Dickson & journalist Rosa Doherty.

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