JWA Volunteers - the lifeblood of Jewish Women's Aid

We want to thank all our amazing volunteers, past and present, for everything you do for Jewish Women's Aid.

When we started 30 years ago, JWA was completely run by volunteers: dedicated, kind, thoughtful, clear-thinking women who were passionate about ending violence against women in the Jewish community.

Our pioneering volunteers took phonecalls from women who had never spoken to anyone about the abuse before; they spoke at meetings in shuls, Jewish organisations, people's houses: anywhere and everywhere; they liaised with housing offices and arranged refuge; they found themselves ignored and went ahead anyway.

Those founding volunteers made JWA the organisation it is today.

To all those founding volunteers, and all those who have helped over the past 30 years, including those who are no longer alive to see what they helped create;

To everyone who makes up our current band of dedicated volunteers;

On behalf of all of the many women and children we have been able to help across the years: we thank you, we are grateful to you, for everything you've done to create this amazing charity.

Naomi Dickson, CEO

Volunteers' Week 2019