Research shows that 16-25 years olds are the group most affected by relationship abuse. Jewish young people are no different.

Safer Dating brings relevant and engaging relationships education to 16-25 year olds across the community.

We deliver sessions in 6th forms, University J-Socs/other student groups, Youth Movements and other groups in the age range. Our sessions are informal and interactive and we adapt the content to the needs of each group. We encourage young men and women to share their views about difficult topics so that they can gain insight and awareness on the issues from different perspectives.

Research shows that most young adults seek advice and support about relationships and harassment from their friends.  We use the Bystander Approach in our sessions i.e. thinking about a situation where abuse is happening to a friend or acquaintance rather than oneself.  We hope that by giving you the tools to support your peers, more young men and women will have someone to confide in - and you will also feel more confident to seek help if needed. 

Healthy relationships are important regardless of age, background or sexuality.

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For information on all aspects of relationships, aimed at under-25s, see also The Mix website.

 We are very grateful to The Duveen Trust, for supporting our Safer Dating Programme