Joanna joined the board of Trustees in 2020. She has been involved in the Jewish community for over twenty-five years, working with many communal organisations, synagogue bodies, community professionals and individuals and is a qualified accountant. Joanna joined the Chief Rabbi’s office in 1997 – working for Rabbi Sacks for 24 years.  As Executive Director, Joanna had responsibility for running a very busy public office with multi-faceted roles, managing a wonderful team and supporting Rabbi Sacks in his day to day activities. 

When Rabbi Sacks stepped down as Chief Rabbi in 2013, Joanna transitioned to jointly run his private office.  Since Rabbi Sacks’ passing in November 2020, Joanna has been working to establish the Rabbi Sacks Legacy Trust to continue to perpetuate and promote Rabbi Sacks’ values and teachings. Her previous work at the Marriage Enhancement Programme has involved educating trainers about JWA and domestic abuse.