We offer a range of therapeutic services for our clients. These include:


Up to a years' free counselling, either face-to-face or by telephone. This is a counselling service specialising in supporting Jewish women affected by domestic abuse.

There is also a counselling service for survivors of sexual violence.

Group work

We offer group work where clients can meet other women who have experienced domestic abuse, support each other and share information. The client-led groups are focused on building resources and moving forwards. The groups are facilitated by qualified counsellors. They are free of charge.

Children's therapy

We have children's therapists who can support our clients' children, aged 3-16 (not living with the perpetrator). We also offer parental guidance. For more information, email us to ask about Children's Therapy.

Body therapies

We have an holistic approach and offer a few complementary therapies for clients in London and Leeds. The therapies can help women reduce stress, address body issues and take time to care for themselves. For more information, email us.