Intimate Image Abuse

Sometimes called Revenge Porn, this form of abuse is where a partner or ex- shares intimate images of you on- or off-line, without your consent Read more

Spiritual abuse

Using religion (laws, holy texts or religious teachers) to coerce you to do something you don't want to do. Refusal to give a woman her religious divorce document, her Get, is also a form of Spiritual Abuse. Read more

Psychological abuse

Psychological abuse is where someone plays with your mind as a way of controlling you Read more

Verbal abuse

"The worst for me was the verbal abuse. Because you can get punched, you get a bruise, and that bruise heals... but verbal abuse is a continual leakage..." Read more

Tech abuse

Tech abuse is also sometimes called cyber abuse, and includes digitally-enabled stalking. Read more

Stalking and harassment

Abusive partners or ex-partners find a number of ways to stalk and harass, both in person and online or digitally. Read more

Sexual abuse

Abusive sexual behaviour in an intimate relationship - what does it mean? Read more

Economic abuse

Economic abuse is used as a form of domestic abuse. It is designed to create or reinforce economic dependence. Read more

Emotional abuse

Manipulating and abusing your emotions as a way of controlling you Read more

Physical abuse

What is physical abuse? It can be the stereotypical black eye, but it is much wider than that. Read more

Coercive control

Coercive control is a key feature of domestic violence and abuse. It became a criminal offence in 2015. Read more