In September a group of 20 North West London women pushed ourselves out of our comfort zones for a week by trekking up 3 volcanoes in Sicily for an amazing cause.

We didn't climb Kilimanjaro or sleeping rough in the desert, but we trekked to raise money for those women who aren’t strong or free enough to do this themselves. We completely funded our own trip so that any money we raise goes directly to Jewish Women's Aid (JWA) - the only UK charity supporting Jewish women and their children who are victims of domestic abuse. If you are able to offer some support in the form of any kind of donation it would enormously appreciated.

1 in every 4 women experience domestic violence in her lifetime, and the Jewish community is no different and so we are aiming high and hoping to raise £75000. 

JWA run seven core services:

- Freephone national helpline 

- Bespoke refuge services (the last resort for any woman)

- Client support services

- Children's therapists (who work with the children of our clients)

- Counselling (face to face or via telephone)

- Education, campus training and awareness raising programmes

And JWA have just started a new service - the Dina Service - to help women who have experienced rape and sexual violence.

Year on year JWA's client numbers have continued to grow, over the last few years by nearly 50%. Last year they helped over 600 women and children, and they are taking around 10 new cases every week. The women JWA helps are remarkable. They could not have survived without their help. 

£120 would pay for new linen for a women fleeing home with her children

£250 will pay for the JWA Freephone helpline to be open for a fortnight 

£500 will support our 145 volunteers for one week or pays for the JWA Freephone helpline to be open for a month  

£1000 pays for one weeks emergency accommodation for a women and her children

£2,500 will fund training for young Jewish leaders to support young people to learn about healthy relationships and consent

£5,000 will fund three month’s support for a woman to access practical, emotional and therapeutic support

Thank you in advance for your support.

With love and enormous gratitude

The Sirens