"They had this trip they were going to, to Willows Farm, it was amazing, that I could turn to my kids and say 'We're going to Willows Farm'...you know, that's a huge treat. And for...however long, I felt normal again." 'Cheryl', 34

We love to spoil the children of our clients, who need a bit of extra love and happiness when things have been difficult at home.

We run regular outings, parties for special occasions, and we give them presents at Chanukah. Last year, we were able to take them to Mountfichet Castle in Essex, and Kings Cross recreation area, both of which brought smiley faces all day long! This year, a recent outing to Kidspace was loved by the mums and children who went.

"Thank you to the amazing staff for taking us there and thank you to JWA for making this happen!" 'Anna', 29

By donating, you can enhance these children's lives at a critical time. Your support is vital. Thank you so much!