Our Schools Manager, Ilana Hutchinson was featured in an article, 'How To Raise Your Son to Be a Nice Jewish Boy', in the Jewish Chronicle on 24th May 2023. The article discussed raising sons in our community in today's modern world as parents, the dangers of social media and highlighted Jewish Women's Aid work in sexual violence prevention in schools and beyond.  

Ilana Hutchinson says: “When we were growing up, the major influences on children were friends, family, our local community, school and maybe Just 17 magazine and Smash Hits. Nowadays, the big wide world of the internet is also influencing our kids, where many of them can access anything at any time. The question is: ‘How can we as parents have a bigger influence?’ This is a forever challenge.”

These issues were under the spotlight during a panel discussion (JWA Presents: Bringing Up Good Sons) featuring experts Ilana Hutchinson, Jessica Diner (Vogue) and parenting educator Rachel Vecht at the HerSpace festival for Jewish women on 8th June 2023. We were the charity partner for this year. At Jewish Women's Aid, we work with Jewish women, girls and their children who are experiencing domestic abuse and/or sexual violence. 

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