There is unfortunately no way to be completely safe from tech abuse. But there are a few basic actions you can take to make yourself safer when using your phone, computer or other devices. Speak to your client support worker for more detailed support.

  1. Monitor your location services. Only have them ON if necessary. Does Candy Crush need to know where you are?
  2. Change your settings on your social media so that you can't be found by using the search function. Follow privacy setting advice on social media that can be found in most drop-down menus. They may encourage you to keep some things public for their marketing purposes, but try to keep everything private. There’s no need to delete your accounts, just protect them well.
  3. Take control of your digital footprint: delete browsing history on devices, search engines, map apps and smart device accounts.
  4. Create a private and public WiFi domain in your home. Only yourself or members of the household you trust 100% not to give out password should have access to private WiFi. Public WiFi can be given to friends and guests. The private network disconnects all accounts and devices from public WiFi.
  5. If you need to pick up withheld numbers in phone calls, wait for caller to speak first.
  6. Change all account passwords (to a random mix). Access to one account can provide access to personal details and potentially other accounts.
  7. If your abuser is sending you abusive messages through social media, block and delete them from your contacts and report them.

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