JWA relies on the generosity of the Jewish community for the majority of our income.

There are many opportunities for synagogues to support the work of JWA.

Here are some ideas:

  • Ask us for a JWA tzedakah box, to keep on the reception desk (it's also a great way of raising awareness!);
  • Make JWA one of your nominated charities for your High Holyday or Pesach appeal;
  • Put a regular small ad on your monthly e-newsletter with a link to our Donate page;
  • Create your synagogue's very own fundraising page for JWA (find out about it here);

Does your synagogue have a Bnei Mitzvah programme?

Offer your Bnei Mitzvah the opportunity to connect their simcha with the mitzvah of giving to others who need help.

Here are a few ideas:

Speak to our fundraisers at [email protected] with these or any other ideas of supporting JWA in your synagogue.

Do the women's toilets in your synagogue have JWA's poster on the back of the toilet doors?

Please email us if you need posters, or if your old ones need updating.

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