International Women's Day 2018 saw JWA at two very high-profile events: JWA's CEO Naomi Dickson was invited to the international Women of the World Festival on the South Bank, and JWA's co-chair Hilda Worth was invited to the annual IWD reception at No.10 Downing Street.


Naomi Dickson, Rachel Krys & Pragna Patel, the WOW Panel on Violence Against Women at the WOW Festival 2018

Naomi Dickson spoke about JWA and the need for cultural-specific agencies for women affected by domestic abuse. She particularly spoke about the experience of working with Jewish women who have additional barriers to reporting, and about the importance of providing Jewish women with "a soft landing" to ease their reaching out for help.

Co-chair Hilda Worth arriving for the Prime Minister's IWD Reception