Jewish Women’s Aid launched its 16 Days of Activism for the International Day for the Elimination of Violence and Women (IDEVAW) with a lunch hosted by Dame Gail Ronson, DBE, at the Tony Page Island Grill.

Over 60 guests attended the lunch and heard about the work of Jewish Women’s Aid, supporting women and children who have experienced domestic abuse and educating across community settings to help prevent abuse in the future.

Dame Gail Ronson said:

‘I was delighted to host this lunch for Jewish Women’s Aid. As women it’s incredibly important that we understand the vital work they do, and we must stand together with them to support Jewish women experiencing domestic abuse.’

Naomi Dickson, CEO, said:

‘We are incredibly privileged to have the support of Gail for this event and be able to share our story with a new group of women who we hope can champion our cause moving forward.’

Additionally, as part of the IDEVAW, 16 days of action, Jewish Women’s Aid is hosting its annual Shabbat at synagogues throughout the UK this coming weekend (2-3 December) to raise awareness and understanding in our community about domestic abuse and sexual violence.

As part of IDEVAW, Naomi Dickson and JWA’s treasurer, Jo Rosenthal, were honoured to be invited to attend a Reception on 29th November at Buckingham Palace hosted by Her Majesty, the Queen Consort, highlighting the work of organisations in this sector, who are working to end abuse.

The BBC noted that 'Queen Camilla has campaigned to raise awareness about domestic violence and for the first time her Queen's companions will be with her at the Violence Against Women Girls reception at Buckingham Palace, rather than ladies-in-waiting.'

Naomi Dickson said, 'It was a magnificent honour to be invited to meet the Queen Consort at Buckingham Palace to discuss the work Jewish Women's Aid and other organisations have been doing to support women and girls throughout the UK.'