We are excited to launch #SafeToday, our 2019 campaign for IDEVAW, the United Nation's designated International Day for Eliminating Violence Against Women, 25th November.

Our national campaign is cross-communal, across the whole Jewish community, asking people to help us in our crucial work against Violence Against Women & Girls. 

Read our campaign letter

JWA Shabbat this year will be on 23rd November 2019

Donate to our 2019 campaign here

What can you do?

  • Make a donation
  • Order a campaign poster for your synagogue, community centre, school or surgery
  • Ask your Rabbi to speak out about violence against women in the Jewish community on Shabbat 23rd November (for resources see below)
  • Make sure the women's toilets in your synagogue or community centre have our Toilet Door poster (order new ones here)


We are asking every Rabbi in the U.K. to:

-          Speak out against violence against women in the Jewish community, in a sermon on Shabbat 23rd November;

-          To write about it for those who may not be in shul, perhaps in a blog or newsletter, and put a message of support on your website/social media;

-          To record a brief video message of support (30-45 seconds);

-          To put up the campaign poster (sent to every shul) in your shul foyer;

-          To encourage your community to donate to help provide JWA’s vital services, at jwa.org.uk/idevaw2019.

See what our communal leaders are saying about IDEVAW2019

You can see what Chief Rabbi Mirvis and other communal Rabbis said for IDEVAW2018.

Download an FAQ sheet with background information and stats

Read client testimonies (anonymised)

Divrei Torah

Other useful resources and material

Read about the United Nations' International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women