Released on 14 July 2020

We are aware of the allegations against the Aepi Chapter of the University of St Andrews, and would always recommend that allegations of criminal conduct should be reported to the police. We stand firmly against any and all instances of sexual violence and want women and girls in the Jewish community to know that we are here to support them if they are affected.

We have liaised with the university, as well as relevant Jewish student organisations to highlight our specialist sexual violence support services. Any Jewish woman or girl aged 16+ who has experienced sexual violence can contact us confidentially by calling our Dina Sexual Violence Support Line on 0808 801 0656, emailing [email protected], or using our Web Chat service. We also have a full time support worker focused on young people aged 14-24.

JWA runs prevention work in schools and on university campuses covering healthy relationships and consent, reaching 4,000 Jewish students per year. Our university sessions aim to cultivate a safe and healthy relationships culture in higher education settings, and any J-soc that would like us to provide this training to members, can contact us to arrange for the next academic year.