The Independent Sexual Violence Advocate offers one-to-one support for women and girls who are considering reporting rape or sexual abuse to the police, or are going through the criminal justice system.

This involves support and information around reporting to the police, liaising with professionals during the investigation, and any court cases or post trial support. There is no pressure to report to the police, this is an independent service offering information and support.

To find out more, contact the support line.

Contacting the Sexual Violence Support Service:

The Helpline phone number is 0808 801 0500

and is open Monday-Thursday at the following times 9.30am- 9.30pm

By email: [email protected]

What is the Sexual Violence Support Service?

The sexual violence support line

The sexual violence counselling service


Contact us directly to refer someone to the Dina Service, or to discuss your concerns about someone. Please note that we would only accept a referral with their consent to be referred to our service.

                 by email [email protected]  

                 by phone 0208 445 8060