Our children's and young person's therapy service is delivered by qualified children’s therapists including qualified play and art therapists. We provide a safe space with non-judgemental adults who are finely-attuned to the child’s needs.

 The service provides therapy to our clients' children aged 4-18 who have lived with domestic abuse, and who don’t currently live with the alleged perpetrator. The aim is to help children process their emotions and experiences of living with domestic abuse and help them move on with their lives.

Our therapists work in a child-led approach, and tailor the sessions to the specific age and needs of each young person they work with. They use play materials as doll’s houses, small-world people, animals, and a range of art materials to help the children express their emotions. 

The therapy is for one term, and in some cases extended to two terms. It takes place either in the therapeutic rooms at our office, or at school. 

Our children's therapists also organise much-needed outings for children of our clients, and children's parties each year.


We also offer parenting support to all Jewish Women's Aid clients who need help with parenting issues which arise around the abuse.

Our children's therapy is funded by BBC Children in Need.

If you would like to enquire about therapy for your child/ren, please email us.

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