Tech abuse is also sometimes called cyber abuse, and includes digitally-enabled stalking.

In the context of domestic abuse, it means the use of technology to control, threaten or frighten the partner. It is very important to keep as safe as possible from this type of abuse.

As technology develops at a huge pace, abusive partners find more and more ingenious ways of using technology to gain power and control by tracking, stalking, harassing and frightening. 

  • It might be constant texts, asking where you are or what you're doing or when you're coming home.
  • It might be hacking your "WhatsApp" account, to stalk you, or using other digital tools - also known as "digitally enabled stalking".
  • It might be using "find my friends" or similar apps to find out where you are.
  • It might be using hidden cameras, doorbell technology, hidden recorders, or tracking devices in your car. It might be using "smart" home technology, to change settings in the home (eg change the temperature of central heating, or switch machines on or off...).
  • It might be sharing intimate images, without your consent, or abusive behaviour sometimes called "revenge porn".

If you are concerned this may be happening to you, call us to speak to us about it.

Feeling concerned?

Here are some basic practical tips