However long you have been dealing with the abuse at home, there may come a time when you decide that it’s time to leave.

Sometimes perpetrators will become more abusive if they know that you are considering leaving, so bear in mind that this may be a dangerous time for you. Contact us before you leave, so that our Domestic Abuse Service can help you leave in the safest way possible. When you leave, make sure that you:

  • Take important documents (see below)
  • Take a few different forms of ID for yourself and your children.
  • Remember this is a very dangerous time - leave when you know the perpetrator is not around.
  • Take your children with you, and try to bring their favourite toy if possible.

If you are planning to leave, try to take as many of these as possible:

  • Money/credit cards
  • Phone & phone charger (BUT make sure any tracking apps are turned off - for more information or guidance speak to our Domestic Abuse team)
  • Family passports
  • Visas
  • Birth certificates
  • Marriage certificates
  • Change of clothes
  • House/car keys
  • Medication
  • Medical records
  • Driving licence
  • Cheque books
  • Benefits statement, or anything with your NI number on it
  • Utility bills, with name and address
  • Any documents related to your home (tenancy agreements, council or mortgage letters)
  • Children's toys
  • Photos and anything of sentimental value

“Your support has kept me sane and helped me to keep myself and my children safe.”