Abusive behaviour can range from unpleasant to extremely dangerous, and it is not always easy to recognise - especially when you are still in the relationship.

Self and household isolation due to coronavirus could create additional high risk abusive behaviours in addition to those listed in the table below:

- Not letting you call family and friends
- Blaming the lockdown/isolation on you
- Abuser increasing how much they drink/drug abuse
- Restricting what you can eat and your access to hygiene products
- Abuser threatening suicide

Stalking or harassment, including online or through social media Pregnancy
Threats to kill Recently separated or planning to separate
Attempted strangulation or suffocation Housing and/or financial issues and/or immigration issues
Physical injury Breach of occupation/non-molestation orders

If any of these are factors in the abuse that you or someone you know is experiencing, call our Domestic Abuse Service as soon as possible on 020 8445 8060.

Please call 999 if you or your children are in immediate danger.