Our Children's Therapists are able to offer our clients guidance and advice on parenting issues. This can be offered both individually and in groups.

Parenting support can be particularly valuable for women affected by domestic abuse which can seriously impact on their parenting.

Parenting is difficult at the best of times. When mothers are trying to simultaneously provide love and stability for their children, whilst trying to deal with the effects on herself of the domestic abuse, it can be really challenging. Many clients feel that their parenting has been undermined during the abuse, and their confidence as parents has taken a huge knock. They may also be struggling with guilt that the child is now living without their father after separating from the perpetrator.

Our children's therapists provide parenting support to help women strengthen and improve their confidence and their self-esteem as mothers, and help their relationship with their children.

We are so grateful to BBC Children in Need, who fund our Children's Therapists.