We run trainings in the community for Rabbis, Rebbetzins, communal professionals and volunteers. To find out more call us on 020 8445 8060, or email us.

The trainings are designed to help people recognise the women and children in their communities who are experiencing domestic violence and abuse, or who have experienced sexual violence, and be better able to support them. We run the trainings 3 times a year at our Head Office in London, and out of London when required. We are also able to offer bespoke trainings for whole teams, including staff and key volunteers.

Our training includes:

  • What is domestic abuse and sexual violence?
  • What is the impact of domestic abuse and sexual violence?
  • Why do women stay in abusive relationships?
  • The effects on children of abusive relationships
  • Key statistics
  • Myths & facts around violence against women
  • Case studies
  • How JWA helps communities support the women & children affected by domestic and sexual violence.

"As project coordinator for the Rabbinic Training Academy, I arranged for our group of rabbis to receive training from Lee Wax of the Jewish Women's Aid on the sad and painful topic of women being abused. I found that the communication between JWA and myself, leading up to the meeting, was professional and helpful. They showed a keen willingness to help in every way to ensure that the awareness training would take place at a time of our convenience.

"The actual training was nothing less than superb. Lee has a unique way of presenting sensitive data and information in a clear and engaging manner. She struck the right balance between delivering the presentation and at the same time allowing for group discussion and plenty of input. The training was well structured and the direction of travel was clear from the beginning until the end. We confronted the difficult issues...and yet she did so with sensitivity and understanding. 

"As a result of the training, the rabbis have come away with a clear awareness of the issues, the ability to recognise the early signs of potential abuse and the knowledge of the services available in times of need.

"The work of Jewish Women's Aid cannot be overstated. They are literally saving lives and their impact is self evident. More work ought to be done to allow for JWA to spread their message further within the orthodox community, especially with regards to their early education projects with teens on the topic of healthy relationships which serves as a clever preventative measure of abuse happening later on.

"Kudos to Lee and all the staff and volunteers for all their valuable work!" Rabbi Yossi Goldberg, The Rabbinic Training Academy, May 2019

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Email Lee our Trainings Coordinator for more information about training courses, or to enquire about requesting a bespoke training. You can also call us on 0208 445 8060.